Merry Christmas! Pet and Home Care from Our Family to Yours!

24 Dec

Today is December 24th.  For children it’s a day filled with excitement as they anticipate tonight’s and tomorrow’s festivities.  For adults however it can be an unpleasant day as the stress of preparing for all of these festivities buckles down upon them.

“ProCare Helps!”

What do you have on your plate that ProCare can help you with today and tomorrow?

Our family is available to professionally care for everything that is important to you.

Here is a just a partial list of what you might need help with this Christmas:

A pet sitter to come to your home and care for your pets. ProCare will feed, water, administer any medications, walk or play with your pet, and simply help them feel less anxious while you are away.

If you have farm or ranch animals we will take care of them so you can spend a little extra time at your loved one’s house – or spend extra time being with your loved ones at your own house!

Do you have a pet that needs to receive its medicine while you’re away? ProCare will gladly stop by and take care of that for you, giving you peace of mind!

Let ProCare come by during the day and let your dog out for a mid day potty break. You’ll have more time to spend with your loved ones and your dog will get fresh water, play time, and a walk if you so choose.

ProCare offers overnight stays at your home with your pets so you can stay the night at your loved ones. If you find that inclement weather could be a concern and might keep you from making it home to your pets give us a call and we’ll stay with them overnight.  We’ll take care of everything!

Sometimes your dog just needs to blow off a little steam.  Having a dog walker come and take him for his own personalized walk is just what he, and you, need!

Did you just look out your window and realize your yard is full of poop? ProCare is your “get it done” poop scooper!  We charge by the job, not the size of the yard or how many pets you have, keeping it simple for you to turn to us last minute to get the job done!

Your house will be secure having a house sitter visit and open/close your curtains, alternate your lights, shovel your snowy sidewalk, bring in your newspaper, and anything else we can do to ensure it looks like you are home.  We’ll even stay overnight in your home to give you added peace of mind.

Is your house ready for your guests?  Oh my, there is so much to do!  Give us a call and we will be your house cleaner, helping you get all of those basic house cleaning tasks tackled!

It snowed quite a bit this week and getting out there to shovel your driveway and sidewalk is not something you’re looking forward to doing!  Give us a call!  We’re available to come do it for you!

Although your outside plants don’t need us at the moment, you might need someone to come water your plants in your house.  You might even have some seeds cultivating in your home greenhouse and need someone to help you tend to them (we know they’re very delicate at this point and need some TLC)!

Last minute errands?  ProCare will run errands for you or even with you and pick up anything you need.  From groceries and pet supplies to doctor appointments to large car loads, we’ll help you secure and transport just about anything!

Let us help you with any meal prep.  Are you sick?  Did you just have an accident?  Are you home from the hospital convalescing? ProCare can prepare meals and clean up the kitchen for you, and while we’re there we can help you in any other way around your home that you need.  We also offer such care for your elder loved ones while you are away.

Have a very happy and safe Christmas!


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