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Springtime in the Rockies, and New Beginnings

21 Mar

Last night as I laid my head on my pillow I realized yesterday was the first day of Spring.  When I think of Spring I think of new beginnings.  A clean slate. What was dormant awakens and bears fruit.

Last night's slumber also brought to a close a long and difficult ordeal for ProCare Home and Pet Services.  In July of 2012 I slipped on a wet substance at a local business and sustained horrific injuries - a trimalleolar fracture with dislocation of my left ankle.

The injury severely impacted ProCare Home and Pet Services and we filed a civil liability lawsuit which was tried in court last week. We began the morning of Monday March 16th and went way past 5:00 p.m. yesterday, Friday March 20th.

The reason I am writing this blog post is to thank the judge and the jury and tell them what fantastic people I believe them to be.  I was not able to speak with you and I sincerely hope to have an opportunity in the future to get to know you. Please reach out to me.  You were attentive during one of the most difficult and humiliating weeks of my life and you brought a compassionate and human presence to an otherwise dreadful judicial experience.  You communicated with me through your facial expressions and I felt that you sympathized with my situation even though you did not find the business where I fell to be liable for my injuries.

Our family and our business begins the day today with a fresh season and a close to one of the longest periods of emotional winter we have ever experienced.  We were not able to recover any damages through the judicial process and I continue to have pain in my ankle, but we noticed this morning that the sun came up, the birds are singing, and we are moving forward.

We are continuing to add staff to our family at ProCare Home and Pet Services and I ask that if you know someone who is eighteen years of age or older, pleasant, responsible, has reliable transportation and is good at following directions - please reach out to us. The summer months are only one season away and we continue, as always, to experience explosive growth... even during our most difficult times.

All of us at ProCare Home and Pet Services want to thank the community for making us a premier provider of pet and home services throughout El Paso County.


- Jennifer


ProCare Featured in Women’s Edition Magazine

1 Sep

The September 2013 Women's Edition is out! Pick up a copy and check out the article they wrote about ProCare Home and Pet Services.

ProCare Home and Pet Services
by Linda Gonzalez

Colorado Springs Procare Home and Pet Services

Have you ever watched a gentle, unruffled person effortlessly problem-solve as they went along? Or maybe they changed a situation just a little bit so the outcome was so good that you were sure they worked some kind of magic. They were confident, yet nonchalant about their quest. That person knew it would turn out just right in the end. This seems to be Eric Savage’s style.

This style is what Eric and Jennifer Savage, owners of ProCare Home & Pet Services, reflected during our recent meeting. They say that their expertise and organized business style are a culmination of hours of study on pet care. Yet, there is a confidence and relaxed, calm air about them as well.

Eric moved to Colorado Springs in 1991 while Jennifer is a native of the area. Eric had spent 20 years doing contract work for the Department of Defense. Once he moved here, he experienced layoffs that left him unemployed for long stretches of time. The last layoff made Eric reconsider his line of work. While pondering their fate, Jennifer says she knew that they could not live like that any longer not knowing if or when Eric would have employment.

Jennifer says she told Eric at that point that deep inside, she’d harbored the thought for 10 years that she really wanted to work with animals on some level. With a Cheshire cat smile and twinkling eyes, she explains how she told her husband about it: “I’m going to be a pet sitter. We need to start a business doing this,” she told him. But she knew that it had to be a legitimate business, not something that they did just for friends and family. She also knew that they could turn their love of animals into a career. How many people can honestly say that they love what they do to make a living? Eric and Jennifer can.

And do they ever love animals. This family has their own little menagerie of pets in their home, with two dogs (they rescued one of the dogs, which they highly suggest); doves; parakeets; and sugar gliders (a tiny type of flying squirrel with coloring that resembles a chipmunk). At one time they had three dogs. They’ve also had Koi, mice, gerbils, hamsters, and rats, stating how much they enjoyed all of them. And they will take care of all of these species for their customers as well. They’ve already watched clients’ spiders and snakes, just to name a few of the pets that they have encountered through their business so far.

ProCare goes to your home to care for your animals in their own familiar setting. Eric and Jennifer comment, “The animals are happier and less stressed this way. They know their home.” They also stress that pets won’t catch kennel cough or other diseases from other animals, which can happen at a boarding kennel.

One of their customers from Fort Carson says, “I contacted Eric. We met, and I introduced him to my dog. We did the contract and liability paperwork (in case something happens, the animal is authorized to go to a vet). He has been by every work day since, and my dog loves Eric! I picked this company because they are willing to work with me even though I am outside of city limits.”

The Savages emphasize Eric’s security clearance and background checks that were required to obtain that clearance. He reiterates how this makes him a safe and reputable professional to have in your home. “We’re all about protection,” Jennifer says. They explain that just about anyone can take care of an animal, but they offer a lot more than that. They are certified by Pet Sitters International, are Red Cross-certified, and are bonded and insured.

Because of Eric’s security clearance, he is approved to be on base taking care of military families’ pets as well. He emphasizes this importance, saying that the military’s rule states that those serving can lose base housing if they allow civilians on base who are not cleared through the military.

ProCare charges by the hour, whether you have one or five pets. Other services that ProCare offers include home care. This includes taking care of your yard. They will keep your lawn, flower beds, shrubs, and trees manicured, and they will haul away the debris. They clean houses, provide valet service, and offer transportation as well. They will bring in your mail and any packages that are delivered. They encourage readers to visit their website for pricing and services. Military discounts are available.

This is another area where Eric mentions his security clearance and being in a position of trust. Clients give him their home security codes and garage door codes. It helps that their employees are family members: sons, Jonathan and David, and daughter, Rebecca. Jennifer adds that they are striving for an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. She says this will come once they meet the Bureau’s requirements of having been in business for at least seven years.

While talking with the Savages, I pictured Eric as a sort of Dr. Dolittle (children’s stories by Hugh Lofting that were later made into a movie). Like the character, he is gentle with animals. Eric concludes by telling me about a pet owner who told Eric to put her macaw in a headlock so he could insert a syringe of medicine down her throat. He accepted the job, but tweaked the procedure a bit. When the owner returned from her vacation and asked him how it went while she was gone, Eric simply showed her. The macaw calmly perched on his arm and gladly accepted the syringe of medicine. It turned out that she loved the fruity syrup! There was no need for a struggle and feathers flying everywhere. Eric had gotten to know the bird and had a special way with her. In turn, the bird trusted and liked him. They bonded and “spoke with one another” as Dr. Dolittle would say, and it turned out much better in the end.

ProCare Home & Pet Services’ owners Eric and Jennifer Savage can be reached for business at 719-233-9083. They service the entire El Paso County area. Visit the website at

Succulents, Air Plants, Fairy Gardens and Terrariums

27 Aug

I was born in the 1970's and I remember some really awesome plants in the homes of family and friends when I was little.  As a kid I couldn't tell you what any of them were called - I just remember small "cactus", plants that looked like they were growing out of nowhere, miniature gardens, and plants that were growing in big glass bowls with lids!

As I entered my teenage years these really neat things suddenly disappeared **poof**.

Guess what?  They're back, and thirty years later I am having a great deal of fun bringing these plants in to my own home! Here's my current collection.


It all started several years ago with the purchase of this handmade trough and four succulents.


Succulents are the "no-brainer" of houseplants and are fairly maintenance-free.  I place mine in the kitchen sink and give them a thorough soak, then let them sit for a few minutes to drain.  Once they've drained I put them back in the trough.  There's no need to fuss with them for at least a week. I water them again when the soil is completely dry.  As far as sunlight is concerned all you have to do is make sure the succulents you group together have the same light requirements.  This trough was shipped to me with five plants.   After a period of time I noticed one of the plants was not happy.  When I got on the internet and compared its care with that of the other four plants I noticed it needed a different amount of sunlight.  You know the saying, "One of these things just doesn't belong here!"  It goes to show that succulents do take a little bit of thought after all ;-).


Next I became obsessed with the air plant. I saw one at a local nursery and knew I had to have it.  I spent some time on the internet researching air plant care and it took multiple visits to the nursery over the course of the next year before I finally decided to purchase one.  Although air plants don't require any soil you do need to have something to put them either on or in. I bought a five inch glass orb, laid down a layer of small decorative rocks, and proudly placed my new air plant in the center.  Oh my, it looked so homely!   I was very quick to purchase two smaller air plants and decided it would be extremely cute to pot a teeny-tiny hen and chicks in a tiny pot.  But I didn't stop there. No!  I dug my tiny pewter duck and even tinier teddy bear out of storage and made it a party!

Air Plants

Opinions about how to care for air plants vary. They do not require soil however they do require water from time to time. All of my air plants were in less than stellar condition when I purchased them so I submerge them in water for several hours multiple times per week. Once they are strong I will re-evaluate their watering schedule.


I don't like fairies, so when I saw a fairy garden at the local nursery and fell in love with the idea of bringing a miniature garden into my home I immediately envisioned putting a sign on my miniature property announcing, "No Occupancy!" As you already know I do like animals, so I decided to make my miniature garden with a fish pond as the center of attention and fill the remainder of the garden with plants. My fish pond was hand made especially for me by Mikella at Twinsie-Bop Shop. The pond has four Koi swimming in it, three lily pads and a waterfall. The bird on the pond with its tail stuck up in the air and the illusion of its head being under water is another of my miniatures I dug out of storage. I knew I held on to my miniatures all these years for some reason.

Miniature Koi Pond

I call this my own version of a bonsai. I sit for several minutes each day with tweezers and scissors and trim the plants according to my whim. I purchased a bowl at Goodwill to serve as my container. Although I probably didn't have to, I followed the basic principles of closed-garden containers since there is no drainage in this bowl. I laid a layer of clean rock, a layer of charcoal, and a layer of cut up pantyhose - in that order - in the bottom of the bowl. The rock gives the water a place to drain to, the charcoal helps keep everything fresh and clean, and the thin layer of nylon is a barrier between the soil above and the charcoal and rock below so the soil doesn't sink in to the rock. I water this arrangement when the soil feels just dry to the touch.


I want to make a terrarium. I understand the rules of terrarium construction; a layer of rock on the bottom, then a layer of charcoal, then a layer of sphagnum moss or other material so the soil above doesn't sink to the rock below. I purchased a round one gallon Anchor Hocking terrarium and asked a gardener at a local nursery what plants would work in a closed moist environment. She looked at me like I was from Mars so I said, "You know, in a terrarium; a glass container with a lid that you put plants in." She gave me suggestions, I made my purchase and I created my terrarium. It didn't take long for the plants to look like they themselves were something from Mars. It was extremely disappointing. I am currently researching plants that are suitable for enclosed environments and will soon make another attempt at my terrarium. In the meantime I purchased this very sweet moss terrarium from Gypsy Raku. The mushrooms and lanterns glow in the dark!

Raku Moss Terrarium

This little cutie arrived only a few days ago. I spritzed it with a little water and I will not need to water it again for several weeks. How easy is that?!

Do you have any of these plants in your home? What do you have and how do you care for it? I am always interested in new ideas so let me know!


- Jennifer

Women’s Edition Magazine

15 Jul

ProCare will be featured in the September 2013 publication of Women's Edition. We appreciate the effort that goes in to writing the articles for this great publication!

As you can see by looking at the previous dates on our blog, keeping a blog updated is not my forté. We have been extremely blessed by the way residents of El Paso County have embraced ProCare Home and Pet Services. You keep us busy! I will strive to do better at cultivating this online relationship with you all here in this thing called the blogosphere.

In the meantime we are always available by telephone. Give us a call any time!


- Jennifer

Sandy Hook Elementary School

17 Dec

As the community of Newtown, Connecticut struggled last Friday night to comprehend the deaths of twenty students and six staff members from Sandy Hook Elementary School, we were sitting in the audience at a Colorado Springs high school watching a three hour Christmas program.

Throughout the evening, as we considered whether or not a three hour Christmas program is a good idea, two thoughts entered our minds:

  1. These kids put A LOT of work into this!
  2. Tonight there are twenty families in Connecticut who will never see another of their child’s Christmas programs, three hour or otherwise.

The next morning we received a phone call from a client who we had just booked days earlier for a multiple day pet sit.  They asked if it were all right with us that they leave for their trip a few days earlier than planned – they had a funeral to attend, in Connecticut.  A family member was one of the adults killed at the school.

Our hearts go out to the families who lost their loved ones in Newtown, Connecticut, and to the children whose lives have been affected by the violence they witnessed and the friends and teachers they have lost.


14 Jul

The first half of 2012 was awesome for ProCare Home & Pet Services and the second half is shaping up to be just as incredible!

Why is ProCare Home & Pet Services El Paso County's "go to" company when residents need a little help?  It's all laid out in our blog post ProCare's Star Business Model: The 5 Points That Make Up "The ProCare Difference". We invite you to read that post and get to know us a little better!

We hear the phrase "Uh-Oh!" a lot.

"Uh-Oh!" is the term someone uses when they tell us about a situation which went wrong because they left their pets, their property or their loved ones in the care of someone other than ProCare Home & Pet Services.  We just heard another "Uh-Oh!" today!

You will never say "Uh-Oh!"  when you use ProCare Home & Pet Services.  That is why we say, "Relax... We'll Take Care of Everything!"

Please review our services and contact us when you need a little help!  We treat your home, your property, your pets and your loved ones with the same care and attention you do!

Have a spectacular summer!


Has Your Pet Care or Home Service Provider Let You Down? We are here to Help!

24 Apr

Have you been disappointed by your pet sitter, dog walker, poop scooper, house cleaner, yard maintenance person or other pet care or home service provider?  We are here to help!

It is astonishing how many folks contact us and say, “I was using this other provider and they let me down, so I decided to look for someone new!  Glad I found you!

ProCare Home and Pet Services will not let you down!  Contact us today and find out why folks throughout El Paso County welcome us into their homes with confidence!